$195.00 AUD

The Reflection Bundle


End Of Year Reflection

Learn how to manage strategically with the EOY reflection worksheet guided by leadership coach Amy Jackson. 

What you'll get:

  • A key leadership tool to be used annually for review and planning.
  • Downloadable 1 page Reflection Worksheet.
  • 8 short self-guided videos with helpful tips for deep thinking, resetting your intentions and recharging for the year ahead.

This is a valuable tool used by the Nurturing Confidence team each year. Now available for business owners, managers and teams to shape strategic direction, identify gaps and strengths to make better decisions aligned with your professional values and vision for success. 

Pause to Grow Journal & Video Course

Learn how to use the power of self-reflection to get unstuck and move forward on your leadership journey. This self-guided course tackles the crucial first step of Self Management.

What you'll get:

  • 64 page 'Pause to Grow' Journal (incl. delivery within Australia*)
  • 14 page Self Management workbook download
  • 3 x 'How to' videos on Journaling and 'Me as a Leader'
  • 6 x Self Management videos with common questions to help you get 'unstuck'

Price includes journal delivery within Australia. Once your payment is processed, our team will contact you to arrange pick up or delivery.

*Additional fees apply for postage outside of Australia.