About your Leadership Coach -Ā  Amy Jackson

"My mission is to help people achieve their potential so that they can lead bigger lives that change their world.

This comes from my fundamental belief that the world would be a better place if more people stepped up to bravely do what they know is right rather than what is easy and safe every day."

Amy Jackson

Professional leadership coach, facilitator and speaker.

Since 2006, her successful business, Nurturing Confidence, has been helping emerging leaders to gain more confidence, think more strategically and manage themselves more effectively.

Amy specialises in highly interactive and pragmatic learning experiences focused on building the confidence and resilience needed to stand out as an effective leader in complex, high-stress workplaces. She works with organisations to build their mid-levels of leadership and with professional individuals looking to step up to bigger roles.


Her clients include Queensland Department of Housing and Digital Economy, Queensland Department of Energy and Public Works, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Monash University, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Queensland Health, University of Southern Queensland, and private businesses and individuals including Partners, Directors, Associate Professors and Managers across a broad range of industries.

She works with clients across Australia, as well as internationally from London to Singapore via Mauritius!

As Lead Facilitator for the Queensland Department of Housing and Public “Taking the Lead” program, Amy worked closely with the Workforce Capability team to create and deliver an innovative, highly effective approach to developing mid-level leaders within the Department.

Amy has an SOA (Standing Offer Agreement) with Queensland Government to provide leadership and development services for mid-level leaders and is an Approved Leadership Coach on the coaching panel of several large organisations.


Bachelor of Psychology (Hons I) 1996 – 2000

University of Sydney - Learning Theory, Developmental Psychology


Certified Coach Training 2007

The NeuroLeadership Group (formerly Results Coaching)


Professional Memberships

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) - Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • ReciproCoach - Approved Mentor


Professional Coach Training (Ongoing)

  • Conversational Intelligence – Certified CIQ Coach
  • Team Coaching – EMCC Global Team Coaching Individual Accreditation
  • SDI 2.0 Core Strengths – Certified Facilitator
  • Executive Coaching
  • WBECS Professional Member – Global Business and Executive Coach Summit
  • Mindfulness for Coaching
  • Neuroscience for Coaching
  • Positive Intelligence
  • Professional Supervision

Amy’s toolkit includes supporting clients to transform their conversations to connect, engage, influence and move through conflict more effectively; practical processes, mindset and influencing skills to lead high performing teams and tangible tools for transforming and sustaining confidence.

Meet the Team

Amy is a co-founder of the Sage Room, a collective of small business owners working together, as highly independent and interdependent entities.

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