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12-Month Reflection

Learn how to manage strategically with the 12-month reflection worksheet, guided by leadership coach Amy Jackson. 

What you'll get:

  • A key leadership tool to be used annually for review and planning.
  • Downloadable 1 page Reflection Worksheet.
  • 14 short self-guided videos with helpful tips for deep thinking, resetting your intentions and recharging for the year ahead.

This is a valuable tool used by the Nurturing Confidence team each year. Now available for business owners, managers and teams to shape strategic direction, identify gaps and strengths to make better decisions aligned with your professional values and vision for success. 

What People Are Saying:

(What have you found valuable about the End of Year Reflection Course?) The opportunity to identify intentional change. Also, the ability to look back and realise that there were achievements that I had forgotten about. It was a nice way to stop and just think about what I've done and what I want to do next that didn't feel overwhelming, or that I had to put together an exhausting to-do list to be successful. I appreciated how the professional and personal were both prioritised in this reflection. I think it would be awesome to do this month-by-month for my own planning. It was a very supportive way to reflect, even on challenges, and allowed me to think about my own mistakes in a positive way and not one that made me feel judged (or judge myself).

Nadine, Associate Professor

Taking the time to reflect on my business journey each year keeps me focused on the bigger picture and my path to success. The thing I value most is seeing and acknowledging my own personal growth from year to year. This leadership tool reminds me why I am in business and helps me become a better leader.

Kathryn, SteinArt Graphic Design