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Coaching Package - Lead Confidently

Are you a Manager who wants to become a Leader in your organisation? To lead a high performing team? This coaching package will help you develop the confidence to step up as a Leader, and thrive!

This coaching package is for leaders focused on creating a transformation in themselves or the workplace in which they are leading.

6 months

Package includes

  • Initial assessment phase including exploratory session, leadership-assessment and coach-conversation collecting of feedback from up to 3 peers, team members or senior leaders
  • 10 coaching sessions, 30-60 minutes (depending on your learning & workload needs)
  • Detailed follow-up notes after each session
  • All resources, tools & frameworks shared or created for you during the program
  • Unlimited support via text in relation to all emerging leadership issues during the program.

Like to know more....

Here's a little more about the coaching I provide at Nurturing Confidence....

Coaching with Nurturing Confidence you will become a more effective communicator and leader. You will develop new skills, become more confident and feel more calmly in control of your work and life.

Who is it for?

We work with mid-level leaders in large organisations and senior leaders in small to medium sized organisations – with professionals who recognise that they need to think and behave more strategically, to have greater impact in complex workplaces. (typically AO6 – Director level)

When you finish coaching with Nurturing Confidence you will have:

  • Increased confidence to tackle challenging people, problems and opportunities
  • Stronger relationships with team, peers and leaders above you
  • Individualised, practical, leadership toolkit that you use regularly & consistently
  • Enhanced self-awareness with increased capacity to articulate strengths, development areas and the value you bring to your organisation
  • Feel more in control of your time and workload, less stressed and enjoying your life beyond work.


Beginning with a 1.5-hour exploratory session and self-assessment to understand your current situation and development stage, seeking feedback from peers, team members and leaders above you (if desired), we will co-create a development program that helps you more confidently tackle the challenges you are currently facing, whilst also preparing you to step up into more next step opportunities.

Each coaching journey is unique, it is an individualised development program honed to meet your specific needs as an emerging leader. We will cover the following elements of leadership in greater or lesser depth and breadth depending on your specific experience and development needs.

  1. Knowing Myself - Core Values, Strengths & Mindset of a Leader
    Cultivating Self-awareness and transformation towards your identity as an effective, confident Leader, Why you are a Leader, Your Vision for your own Career, What really drives your behaviour, How to do more of what you do best, navigating the transition from Do-er to Leader
  2. Understanding my Value
    Understanding your unique expertise, articulating its strategic value to your organisation, stakeholders and future opportunities
  3. Managing my Workload & Priorities
    Crafting your individualised strategies for sustainable workload and long-term well-being whilst achieving career growth
  4. Deliver on My Commitments
    Self-accountability and visible delivery for all stakeholders to build trust, intentional reputation building through communicating outcomes and collaborative results
  5. Managing my Emotions
    Skills for self-regulating and creating a gap between reaction and response, habits for thriving in the complex busyness, increasing confidence, resilience and learning how to support the development of this in your people
  6. Creating time to think Strategically
    Articulating and sharing a vision; establishing habits, both preparational and conversational, for consistently taking a strategic perspective
  7. Walk my Talk
    Are my behaviours aligned with my words, does my impact align with my intention, how do others perceive my leadership and how can I purposefully shape that perception to support the bigger picture of the work
  8. Building and leveraging relationships
    Understanding and building strategic network, understanding individuals within close network and how to enhance relationships to co-create better results
  9. Timely, effective Communication
    Processes and strategies for adaptive communication that informs, influences and sustains strategic momentum; specific skills for more effective conversations, email & chat communication and effective contribution in meetings
  10. Clear Expectations and Accountability
    Team leadership in ways that make it easy for people to deliver what you want them to deliver
  11. Provide Feedback
    Clear, direct feedback is key to high performance; developing skills to both give and receive such feedback in timely, regular, meaningful ways
  12. Help by Listening and Asking, not Giving Answers
    Skills in taking a coaching-approach to build capacity, resilience and confidence in team members, peers and senior leaders
  13. Leading a Learning Mindset
    Accepting and encouraging experimental process towards outcomes, creating psychologically safe team environments where mistakes are learning opportunities, sustaining continuous growth and improvement
  14. Stepping up to Powerful Conversations
    Communicating consistently in ways that are comfortable in the uncomfortable, allow difficult conversations to become transformative conversations
  15. Leveraging difference, diversity and disagreement
    Working with the differences to maximise potential of the team, create opportunities for everyone and deliver high performance
  16. Leading Upwards
    Communicating for impact, managing information flows, capacity building and expanding influence through effectively and proactively managing your relationships with leaders above you
  17. Bringing Teams Together
    Processes to facilitate growth within your team, growing cohesive teams that get the hard stuff done
  18. Meetings that Matter
    Cutting back and transforming meeting overload, leading value-adding meetings, preparing quickly for maximum impact, contributing in the moment with clarity and influence.

Between each coaching conversation you will take experimental action in your workplace, immediately applying your learning to your real-life. You will think deeply on yourself as a leader through guided daily, weekly and monthly reflections. You will do hard things differently, and sustainably grow yourself as a leader.